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Kevin R. Miller, DC


      Here at Crossroads Chiropractic, we go the extra mile for all our patients. When you need help getting out of pain, call us first!

     We make every visit a memorable one. You’ll walk out knowing you’ve just received the best care imaginable!
     You see, we want everybody to feel GREAT!  Therefore, we concentrate on giving you perfect care with affordability and great service uppermost in our minds.  
     We’ve spent the last 20 years in practice “refining” our system so that we can offer you the best chiropractic care around… at rates you can afford!
     Continue through our friendly website here to learn more! You’ll like what you see!

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You are an individual with your own special health needs. What works for someone else’s problem may not work for yours. But one thing you probably agree with is that ignoring your pain won’t make it go away. 1.  The Cause of Your Pain Is Quickly Determined My quality education and years of experience...

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Alkaline versus Acid Body Chemistry:  Why you need to be more Alkaline to stay healthy! By Kevin R. Miller, DC The purpose of this article is to make the more complicated ideas of body chemistry and its affect on your health easier to grasp, and (hopefully) allow you to apply these concepts to your own...

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Since 1995, Dr. Kevin Miller has been wholistically helping people improve their health at his Torrance Crossroad Chiropractic office. We believe that every person that comes in our office has unique needs. These needs are dependent on many factors, including the level of pain that they are having, the...

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For over 25 years I have been analyzing posture and seeing the results of poor posture. Through X-ray, imaging, spinalyzer or simple visual inspection, we can see how posture...
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