For Pain, Seek Safe and Affordable Treatments

Over the past 8 years, there has been a 65% increase in patients seeking allopathic spinal treatment, which has contributed to a significant rise in healthcare costs. However, approximately 96% of people with low back pain can find relief without surgery. This could lead to a remarkable lowering of costs.

Chronic pain is on the rise. The first line of treatment most individuals turn to for pain relief involves medication. Tens of thousands of people consuming drugs like acetaminophen and oxycodone have reported injuries and deaths directly resulting from drug use. Drugs have adverse side effects unlike chiropractic care.

Young adults are especially susceptible to drug overdoses. Dr. Joseph Wiley, Chief of Pediatrics at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, is quoted as saying “If you extrapolate from an adult dose to a pediatric dose, you may be right…you may be wrong.”

Rather than risk the negative effects of pain medication, seek holistic treatments first. For help determining what natural therapies will help you most, call for an appointment. 310-320-4357



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