Warming up to the New Office

No bones about it, it's been a busy year!

No bones about it, it’s been a busy year!

So much has happened this year and I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.

The first and most important change in my chiropractic office (as many of you already know) is that my office has relocated to Old Torrance as of November first of this year. Old Torrance is such a nice area with so many great people and quaint businesses. The area reminds me of what many cities used to be like when I was much younger and this nostalgic feel adds to the charm of this area. I really like this area and every patient seems to agree that this location was a great choice.

The actual move from my old location to the new one was not easy (is it ever?), but in the end it was rewarding. I have many people to thank for their help in moving my office, both physically and in their mental and emotional support. You all know who you are and I am grateful to all of you!

Part of the appeal of the new office is that surrounding me there is so much going on. Right now I am sitting in my office, looking out of my large front window at the famous La Capilla restaurant across the street and seeing people walking by (many with dogs) looking in my office and going along their daily routines. Sometimes I wave at them and they smile and wave back. Sartori Avenue will soon fill up with cars and more people will walk the streets looking for various things such as antiques, hair salons, scrap book items, and hopefully chiropractic services for helping optimize their health! In addition this area has some fine restaurants to choose from. This type of experience is fresh and exciting for me and I believe this same feeling will come to all that come to this area.

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday of the month and the streets of Old Torrance get closed down and hundreds of little booths will line up selling all sorts of antique items. It is called (surprise!) the Old Torrance Antique Street Faire. It is a very special monthly event that I highly recommend all to try out.



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