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My wife (who is also a chiropractor) and I have put together several guidelines that we have been pulled together from many years of successfully treating pregnant women. These women wanted not only to feel their best during their pregnancy but also to have the best possible labor, delivery, postpartum and (of course), the healthiest possible baby.

Ironically, with all the “advanced technologies” available today, having a baby in this day and age sometimes is not an easy or a natural process. Many doctors treat pregnancy like it is a disease and not a natural process. Doctors usually want to do a panoply of tests on the mother and developing baby to assure them that your baby is “normal” and that the mother is physically capable of delivery. These interventions include multiple ultrasound screenings, amniocentesis, and various blood tests. All of these tests are subject to a wide variety of interpretations and often may produce incorrect conclusions. As a result, the doctor may convince a mother that she needs to have a Cesarean delivery or even abort her child based on incorrect conclusions. Therefore, the mother needs to be well informed and ready to ask questions or seek another doctor’s opinion if she gets advice that seems extreme or sit well with her instincts.

Due to our clinical experiences, along with our personal birth experiences we hope our knowledge will assist you or your loved ones to become a more empowered person and help to create for you the best possible pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Your success is greatly affected by what kind of person you are and how realistic and motivated you are in wanting a natural experience. Although we would love to see more women have a more natural (and by natural I mean with the least amount of intervention and with a focus on empowering the mother instead of having her give up her options to her doctors) I have come to realize that not all women are ready to have a truly natural childbirth. They may be physically, mentally/spiritually, or biochemically unable to do what it takes to have a natural pregnancy and birth. In other words, if your are holistically imbalanced you will have problems in having a natural birth and a straight medical route or a mixture of natural and medical routes may be the best for you and your child. This is why you must consult with someone you trust, not necessarily the doctor that has been assigned to deliver your baby. Many medical doctors may not have a well-informed opinion on these natural approaches, so be sure that any advice you get comes from practitioners that have a strong nutritional and natural healing background.

We have helped many women become empowered, holistically minded people who have had extremely healthy and positive experiences. Call me at 310-534-9045 if you have any questions or would like to have a consultation.

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