Natural Solutions to Problems During Labor

Labor is appropriately titled.  There is a lot of work to do!   If anyone claims they can guarantee a painless and smooth labor, they are lying.  There is always a give and a take.  Pain reducing epidurals disconnect the mother from the labor and may prolong the labor or increase the possibility of Cesarean delivery.  In addition, the pain reducing drugs can cross over the placental barrier to the baby, leading to neonatal problems.

In the end, one can only hope for an “idealized” labor and do all the necessary steps to maximize that outcome.   In other words, the mother must become empowered.  In order to become completely empowered, the mother must be holistically balanced: body, mind/spirit, and biochemically.  The mother must be confident and educated enough to know what to do in the event of a problem that may occur in the labor process and have the strength to effectively communicate to her doctor and the birth team what she wants in spite of their possible criticisms.

The following table lists some of the most common problems that can occur in the labor process and what to do to naturally remedy the situation.  This table must be studied well before the labor and the mother and her team needs to be prepared beforehand for all the possibilities with a kit of natural remedies at hand.  Again, this list is highly simplified, and you should consult a doctor that knows natural remedies to answer specific questions you may have.

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PROM (Premature Rupture of Membrane) Echinacea drops or capsules
Vitamin C & E
Nettles/Comfrey Tea
Unripe Cervix Primrose oil (oral or direct)
Black Cohosh (10 drops Sublingual)
Breast Stimulation
Slow/Irregular Labor Blue Cohosh (every Hr. 3-8 drops)
Caulophyllum 200x (every ½ hour)
Stalled Labor Relaxation Techniques
Calcium and/or warm milk
Acupressure at Bladder 67
And above uterine stimulation
Rigid Os Hot bath, relax tech.
Primrose oil (oral or direct)
Lobelia tincture (only in proper dose)
Valerian Root
And above uterine stimulation
Exhaustion Liquid Chlorophyll (1/4 cup as needed)
Ginger root
Pain Motherwort
St. Joan’s Wort
Clary Sage Oil (rub directly on back/tummy/etc.)
High Blood Pressure Valerian Root
Retained Placenta Red Rasberry Herbs
Get Up or Squat
Massage Uterus/Abdomen
Blue Cohosh
Hemorrhage/Shock Nettle or Alfalfa
Shepherd’s Purse
Drink lots of fluids (juice, chlorophyll)
Cayenne and Bayberry (2 caps each)


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