5 Reasons You Should Call Dr. Miller


You are an individual with your own special health needs. What works for someone else’s problem may not work for yours. But one thing you probably agree with is that ignoring your pain won’t make it go away.

1.  The Cause of Your Pain Is Quickly Determined

My quality education and years of experience allow me to quickly find the cause of your symptoms and ultimately determine if I can help you. In each office visit I evaluate your specific problem, analyze the results and tell you what’s causing your problem. I will then personally offer treatment suggestions and discusses your options with you. Each patient will get a unique treatment plan tailor made from the findings of the history, physical examination and review of any records.

Call me at (310) 320-HELP (4357) today to schedule your consultation, so you can find out if yours is a problem that chiropractic can help!

But don’t just take my word. Read the following studies that show chiropractic works!

2.  Chiropractic Is Proven To Give You Fast Relief

Lower Back Pain Gone!

177 totally disabled patients with chronic, severe low-back pain were studied after not responding to a variety of medical treatments. After only two to three weeks of chiropractic adjustments, 87% of them recovered to full function!

No Surgery Needed!

100 patients with persistent back or neck pain were helped after just 3 weeks of chiropractic care. 86% said their ailment was corrected – without surgery!

Migraine Headaches Gone!

85 patients who suffered from migraines for an average of 19 years reported superior relief from chiropractic care.

And if that’s not enough, read what patients have to say about their chiropractic experience!

3.  Patients Want to Share Their Success Stories

“I fell on my tailbone and hurt my pelvis and back. My M.D. prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. I went to see Dr. Miller and he balanced my pelvis and helped rehabilitate my spine. I was able to stop taking medications. I just retired and I’m able to do anything I want.” – D.C.

“I decided to try chiropractic after I was in a car accident. After just a few treatments with Dr. Miller I experienced relief from the accident and from hip and leg pain that I had been suffering from for 10 years! I trust my whole family with chiropractic.” – K.P.

“My son, Jeffrey, was born with many congenital defects. He has prosthetic legs from the knees and his hips dislocate often. Dr. Kevin Miller helped Jeffrey walk smoothly and with great strength and confidence.” – S.L.

“He cured me of sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome pain after one treatment.” – J.A.

“My teenage son saw Dr. Miller for knee and shoulder injuries. Now he’s doing great!” -J.S.

“Dr. Kevin Miller adjusted my spine and TMJ. My chronic headaches, insomnia and jaw pain went away without drugs.” – C.A.

“I race bikes professionally. Dr. Kevin Miller kept my spine and joints in tip top shape for races. He sped up the healing time when I injured my spine and knees and helped prevent more injury.” -C.C.

“Dr. Miller put me on a wholistic program that helped me lose weight and clear up my eczema. For the first time in 9 years I can eat without taking Tums.” – A.W. 

4.  Personalized Care Means Lasting Results

With Dr. Miller’s techniques and modern therapies, you can expect treatments that are personalized to give you better, more lasting results. At his office you have access to: massage, heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, nutritional help, and in-office rehabilitation.

5.  Central South Bay Location and Convenient Hours

Crossroads Chiropractic Center is located in historic Old Torrance across from the famous La Capilla restaurant. Call 310-320-HELP (4357) now for your consultation with Dr. Miller. Or simply email me and request a consultation and we will contact you!

My promise to you: to keep you happy and healthy – using totally natural, drug-free treatments for your optimal health.

Take care of your health problems today – quickly and easily.


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