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There are many Chiropractic articles on the internet right now. So many, that if you go to google and type “chiropractic”, you will get a wealth (over 2 million!) of articles that explain how the chiropractic adjustment works and the philosophy of the Chiropractic profession. Please refer to these articles if you are unsure of what Chiropractors do in terms of addressing the structural component of the human body. In this section, I present to you articles that either I have written or my wife has written (she is also a Chiropractor, but is presently staying at home and raising our children). We have put our years of learning and experience into writing these informative articles and guidelines and hope that the information they contain will help you learn that the only person who keeps you healthy is YOU and your health is directly related to your making BETTER DECISIONS. So with that introduction, please read the topics and then click on whatever article you see fit to read.

If you happen to choose to use our writings in any other medias, please contact us for permission out of courtesy and respect.


Alkaline versus Acid Body Chemistry: Why you need to be more Alkaline to stay healthy!


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Sample Birth Plan for Normal Low Risk Hospital Birth


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