Doctor Kevin Miller

Kevin R. Miller, DC

Dr. Kevin Miller has been practicing Chiropractic since his graduation from Life Chiropractic College, West in 1993.

A life time asthmatic, Dr. Miller started out with aspirations of being a medical doctor.  Years of medical treatments only helped his symptoms and did nothing to rid him of his breathing difficulties.  He abandoned his medical training and pursued training as a chemist, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Physical Chemistry.  His life changed when he went to a chiropractor and finally began to get long lasting relief for his asthma. He chose to go to Life Chiropractic College, West, to become a chiropractor, and he graduated in 1993 as the valedictorian of his class.

Dr. Miller is married and has five children and has lived in the South Bay all his life.

Dr. Kathleen Miller

Kathleen A. Miller, DC



Dr. Kathleen Miller graduated from Life Chiropractic College, West in 1993.

After completing almost 5000 hours of classroom and clinical study, she practiced for two years in Colorado Springs, CO,  and in Torrance, CA.  She has a special interest in holistic healing and preventative healing for all ages and families.

For the past 18 years she has assisted in managing the business and assisting with chiropractic cases while raising five children. She founded and is the CEO of Holistic Homeschool Network, a support group for homeschooling families in the South Bay. She also is an administrator and teacher at Hollywood Riviera Academy.



Claire Miller, CA

Claire Miller, CA




Claire Miller has been a lifelong chiropractic patient and advocate. She has been working as our Chiropractic Assistant for over four years.


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